Online Payment Collection Products


Secure Collection with Credit Card

You can provide secure digital payment by credit card through Octet Portal, with free membership and stay focused on growing your business.
Your customers can pay using any device with Internet access without the need to install a software or download an app.

Frictionless Payment Collection with Octet DBS

Octet Direct Debit System (DBS), provides the opportunity to secure your collections by working with multiple banks through a single agreement signed with Octet. In other words, with Octet DBS you have a safe and practical cash flow management that enables automatic collections. Accordingly, your Buyers have the chance to make transactions with multiple banks.

Advantage of 24/7 Cash Collection

Your customers can benefit from all the services of a bank 24/7 on the Octet Portal to pay their commercial debts. They are free of hour limitations in money orders and EFT payments and can make their payments whenever they want, without missing the payment due date.

The Convenience of Online Payment Collection for Export Transactions

The Octet Portal gives the chance to all enterprises to conduct international trade, even if they do not have a web-site or an e-commerce infrastructure. Enterprises can benefit from the advantage of having the payments collected by Octet counted as export price.