Smart Services
Manage all online payments and collections practically at one stop.

The Convenience of Partial Payments

Your customers on the Octet Portal can use different credit cards for the same payment. They can pay with more than one credit card if the credit card limit is insufficient. Your customers would benefit from multiple and various instalment options.

Give your Buyers the chance to make their payments in flexible terms while you enjoy the convenience of making seamless payment collections.

Collect Easily from Your Dealers

You can handle payment and collections of your company with peace of mind on the Octet Portal. You can also manage your dealer, sub-dealer and customer network comfortably with the Dealer Network Payment Collection Management System.

Once usernames and passwords are set, you can make collections from your dealers, and your dealers can collect payments from their sub-dealers and customers easily via credit cards.

For dealer network payment collections, you can use the virtual POS services provided by Octet apart from your own virtual POS . Dealers can get all their payments through virtual POS terminals of your preference on the Octet Portal. This way, the dealers can make payments in full or in instalments through various virtual POS terminals on your terms.

The payments, upon their receival from the bank, are optionally transferred through Octet Virtual POS Terminals; the profit of your dealer can be transferred to his account and the rest sent to yours. As result, you can efficiently and easily manage your business and dealer network through uninterrupted cash flow.

Moreover, the robust infrastructure of the Octet Portal responds to all payment and collection demands and lets you track debts of your dealer network and send payment reminders.

The Octet Portal lets you collect your receivables with your dealers so you can manage the cash flow of the whole ecosystem smoothly.

POS Hosting

If or when you do not prefer to use your own POS system, you can easily integrate a virtual POS to the Octet Portal. You can collect payments digitally from your dealers, sub-dealers and customers of sub-dealers via credit card. In short, you can collect online payments on your own terms.

Integrate your virtual POS to the Octet Portal and make collect payments online with all credit cards, on own your terms.

Instant Collection with Payment Links

Let your Buyers make their payments safely through payment links while you receive collections rapidly.

Hassle-Free Document Management

All your commercial transaction documents on the Octet Portal are stored with the highest level of security to prevent tampering. You and your customers/dealers can access documents on the Octet Portal to check all past or current transactions and share them with your clients.

Keep all your documentation safe and secure on the Octet Portal and enjoy making hassle-free collections.

Seamless Integration into Your Systems (ERP- Sales- Accounting)

The flexible infrastructure of the Octet Portal ensures seamless integration of sales, accounting, ERP systems and other third-party software. You can make digital payments and collections without even realizing you are using another portal.

Integrate any application you prefer into the Octet systems with its robust strong API infrastructure.

Multiple Collections with Excel

You can make hundreds of collection transactions on the Octet Portal simultaneously with one click.
You can easily create a list of transaction items such as customer information, payment amount, currency, number of instalments, etc. on an Excel sheet.

Upon completion of the Excel multiple payment sheet, all you need to do is upload it on the Octet Portal.
Just click on “Send” and start the payment collection processes with a single click!

Free and Unlimited Card Saving in Digital Wallet

Octet offers an e-wallet service where credit cards are stored in a single place securely for your customers and dealers. Digital Wallet lets your Buyers save, update or delete their card data in a free and secure way. Thanks to Digital Wallet, you can make your collections on a secure system approved by BRSA with a PCI-DSS certification.

Your customers can simply make one-click payments by selecting their registered card in your Payment page increasing customer satisfaction.
Equip your Buyers with the security of Digital Wallet and make your collections without any complications.

Custom Portal Design

The Octet Portal can be customised with your brand’s corporate identity (company logo, colours, font styles and types, etc.) and a domain ( can be registered for your account upon your request.

Handle your transactions on the Octet Portal with a look and feel tailor-made for your company.

Automatic Reporting

Octet lets you monitor your transactions with regular reporting.
It is very easy to check balance of income and expenditures with collection and payment reports.

If you are benefiting from our dealer collection solutions, you can also access to daily, weekly, and monthly turnover data of your dealers.
Let Octet do the reporting and give you the transaction insights you need to effectively run your business.