Why Octet?
Practical and secure solutions for smart businesses

Ease of Use

Experience the comfort of processing digital payment collections securely through the Octet Portal. Simplify your collection management and cash flow with just one click.


• No Installation, No Fuss

No need to spend time and money on installation, start processing online payment collections as soon as your application is approved.

• User Friendly 

Handle all your payment collection processes easily from one place , without the need for technical know-how.

• No Membership Fee   

No need to make any membership commitments or pay any installation fees to become an Octet Portal member. No monthly or membership fee is required.

• Reimbursement and Cancellation

Cancel or reimburse invalid payments or collections on the Octet Portal without any trouble.

• Digital Wallet

Conduct payment collections and payouts practically with Digital Wallet that stores all your credit card data safely.

• 24/7 Online Payment Collection

Make online payment collections whenever and wherever you want through the Octet Portal and manage your cash flow easily.



Fully Secured

Feel at ease while making all your digital payments and collections on the Octet Portal that meets all local and international legal requirements to keep your data and transactions secure.

• Licensed by BRSA

Octet Turkey is operating with the license obtained on 26.01.2017 as per the ruling nr 26.01.2017/7222 of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) and on 26.01.2017 with the Law on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions numbered 6493.

• 3D Secure Authentication

All members of Octet process their transactions securely, protected against fraudulent transactions with 3D Secure.

• PCI-DSS Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) presents a set of security standards designed to ensure that all companies who accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. The Octet Portal meets the highest industry standards and guidelines as compliant with PCI DSS to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep payments secure. Octet constantly monitors potential security threats, and PCI Security Standards Council’s updates to ensure effective risk management by industrial stakeholders.

• End-to-end Online Payment Fraud Prevention

The Octet Portal is equipped with anti-fraud security that meets global banking standards for digital payment fraud management. Fraud filters are used to avoid credit card fraud and ensure safe online transactions.

• Know Your Customer Policy

Octet ensures the security of all member data and transaction accounts in its system as per the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy to prevent any identity thefts or online payment frauds.

• Certified Security Procedures

All information systems of Octet are certified with best-in-market practices and all members undergo security checks at global standards. The established, industry-leading Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and other necessary security processes compliant with the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) reduce the risk for parties in the Octet network.



Global Transactions

Octet Members process international digital payment collections rapidly with Octet Turkey and seize the opportunities to grow their businesses globally. Octet Turkey is a subsidiary of Octet, a global supply chain technology provider and trade-financing institution headquartered in Australia.


• Multi-Lingual Support

The Octet Portal is multilingual, operating in various languages besides Turkish, thus eliminating language barriers. Experience the comfort of handling your transactions easily while communicating smoothly with your international suppliers.

• Cross-Border Payment Collections with No Complications

Simplify your overseas trades with easy transactions across borders on the Octet Portal via credit card or through your customer’s preferred financial institution.

• Global Reach

Utilize Octet’s global members network which connects more than 83.000 Buyers, Sellers and financial institutions around the world and accelerate your global business growth.




Practical Supply Chain Solutions

Streamline your supply chain with multilingual Octet Portal to process domestic and international online payment collections efficiently.


• One Portal for all Online Payments and Collections

Enjoy the ease of handling digital payments and collections all from one place.

• B2B Trade Portal

Create reports, store documents, control past transactions and get a breakdown of your activity with minimum effort.

• Opportunities to Expand in Overseas Markets

Access various foreign markets, where credit card usage is not common with alternative local payment tools provided by Octet.

• Ease of Collection from One Point

Be it a private company or a large corporation with a wide network of dealers or branch offices, you can make all kinds of payment collections on Octet Portal.

• Open Platform

The Octet Portal is an open payment platform which provides effective management and flexibility across the extended supply chain. So, you can improve supply chain efficiency and empower your business network.





Customised Payment Pages

The Octet Portal allows you to create custom-branded landing and payment pages with your corporate logo, brand colours and a customised layout design.


• Branded Outlook

Make your transactions on the Octet Portal designed with your corporate identity.

• Customisable Features

Customize the features of the Octet Portal according to your company’s needs.

• Yurtdışı Pazarlara Açılma Fırsatı

Kredi kartı kullanımının ülkemizdeki gibi yaygın olmadığı pek çok yabancı pazara Octet’in sağladığı alternatif yerel ödeme



Seamless Infrastructure Integration

Make your transactions effortlessly on the Octet Portal which can be fully integrated to your workflows and software infrastructure.


• Easy third-party integrations

Plug into your company’s sales, accounting, ERP programs and other third-party platforms thanks to the flexible infrastructure of the Octet Portal.

• Excellent User Experience

Through the integration of the Octet Portal, you will have the comfort of making all transactions as you would do in your own domain.