Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Make frictionless payouts in local and global markets.

Advantageous Supplier Financing System

Supplier Financing is a financial instrument that helps suppliers get reimbursed as soon as they raise invoices of their receivables for the sale of their goods and services.
The Buyer and the Supplier can make suitable arrangements with Supplier Financing regarding cash flow and/or balance sheet targets for payments and collections. Advantageous Supplier Financing System lets Buyer make payments in favourable terms while enabling the Supplier to receive payment collections earlier.
Advantageous Supplier Financing System brings all the parties of supplier financing together on the Octet Portal which provides easy and fast payments and collections. The financing rate applied to the Supplier by the financial institution is determined by the Buyer’s credit rating. Balance is established between the lower financing cost of the Buyer and higher financing cost of the Supplier.
Furthermore, processes such as commercial invoicing, pricing, invoice reconciliation are carried out promptly and conveniently. Buyer companies manage supplier payments effortlessly without incurring any costs and undertaking any operational liabilities.


  • Flexible payment terms for the Supplier
  • Increased productivity with effective cash flow management
  • Central integration with the banks
  • Hassle-free cash flow to the suppliers
  • Improved commerce thanks to the supplier-friendly process


  • Access to loans by leveraging the creditworthiness of the parent company
  • Early collection at favourable terms
  • Smooth cash flow
  • Ensured payment collection
  • Improved relationship with the Buyer

Step by Step Advantageous Supplier Payment

The Buyer uploads the invoices, which are confirmed for early payment, on the Octet Portal.

The Supplier chooses the invoices for early reimbursement on the Octet Portal and views early payment offer.

If the Supplier accepts the offer, the concerned financial institution pays the discounted amount to the Supplier.

The Buyer makes payment to the concerned financial institution when it is due.

Octet, alacaklarınızı erken tahsil etmek ve şirketinize kesintisiz nakit akışı sağlamak için ciddi faydalar sağlıyor:


  • Erken tahsilat
  • Sorunsuz nakit akışı
  • Düşük finansman maliyeti
  • Ödeme garantisi
  • Alıcı ile güçlü ilişki

Octet, ödeme vadelerinizi sorunsuzca yönetmeniz ve işletmenizin kârlılık ve verimini artırmak için önemli faydalar sağlıyor:


  • Esnek ödeme vadeleri
  • Etkili nakit akışı yönetimiyle artan verim
  • Bankalarla merkezi entegrasyon
  • Tedarikçilere sorunsuz nakit akışı