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Digital payment collection solutions that that help you make efficient transactions.

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Tahsilat Urunleri

Payment Collection Products

Stay focused on growing your business and let Octet streamline your payment collection process.

Fully Integrated Payment Solutions

Make frictionless payouts in domestic and international markets.

Smart Services

Manage all online payments and collections practically in one place.

Why Octet? Practical and secure solutions for smart businesses

<span>Why Octet?</span> Practical and secure solutions for smart businesses

Ease of Use

Experience the comfort of processing digital payment collections securely through the Octet Portal. Simplify your collection management and cash flow with just one click.

Fully Secured

Feel at ease while making all your digital payments and collections on the Octet Portal that meets all local and international legal requirements to keep your data and transactions secure.

Global Transactions

Octet Members process international digital payment collections rapidly with Octet Turkey and seize the opportunities to grow their businesses globally. Octet Turkey is a subsidiary of Octet, a global supply chain technology provider and trade-financing institution headquartered in Australia.

Practical Supply Chain Solutions

Streamline your supply chain with multilingual Octet Portal to process domestic and international online payment collections efficiently.

Customised Payment Pages

The Octet Portal allows you to create custom-branded landing and payment pages with your corporate logo, brand colours and a customised layout design.

Seamless Infrastructure Integration

Make your transactions effortlessly on the Octet Portal which can be fully integrated to your workflows and software infrastructure.

Fast, Easy Safe Trading