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Advantage of 24/7 Cash Collection

Your customers can benefit from all the services of a bank 24/7 on the Octet Portal to pay their commercial debts. They are free of hour limitations in money orders and EFT payments and can make their payments whenever they want, without missing the payment due date. Thus, you are open to all sales opportunities, without any concerns about getting your payments and dealing with false information (such as a wrong IBAN, no explanation, wrong payment amount, etc.).
Your customers can make their payments easily through online or mobile banking. They will be able to find your commercial invoices under the Payments section and make payments as simply as paying utility bills. As a result, you can visibly track the commercial invoice transactions of the customers. Moreover, you will be able to eliminate all human errors in traditional payment methods like money orders and EFT payments.
Additionally, your customers can make payments not only from their draw accounts but also by utilizing other tools like an overdraft account and blocked POS.

You can benefit from 24/7 uninterrupted, favourable collection and payment advantages with Octet.

Step by Step 24/7 Cash Collection

The Seller uploads the commercial invoices on the Octet Portal to receive payment.

The Buyer views commercial payment demands in the Invoice Payment page of the online bank.

The Buyer pays the commercial invoices through their credit amount, current or draw account as well as by blocked POS solution.

Octet transfers the payment amounts as soon as the next business day to the Seller’s bank account.

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