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Secure Collection with Credit Card

You can provide secure digital payment by credit card through Octet Portal, with free membership and stay focused on growing your business.

Your customers can pay using any device with Internet access without the need to install a software or download an app. Also, you can provide your Buyers with the opportunity to make secure payments by sending them a payment link via SMS or e-mail.

Your regular customers will be able to save their credit card data on the Digital Wallet through a free Octet Portal membership. This allows them to make their payments with their credit cards either by paying in instalments or in full with just one-click instead having to re-enter the credit card info.

Chargeback risks are minimized with 3D Secure, so you can receive payments in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

You can benefit from offering instalments to all credit cards without the need to make agreements with each bank by utilizing the Octet POS. Furthermore, you can also use your own virtual POS terminal(s) on the Octet Portal.

Octet Maximum Card Brings Advantages in Online Payment Collection

Octet co-branded Maximum Business credit card, which is offered to Octet members in collaboration with İş Bank, gives exclusive advantages to the cardholders on the Octet Portal. The Buyers of Octet members can also make use of these advantages. When the Buyers also become portal members, they have  the opportunity to pay in +2 instalments with Octet Maximum Business credit card for their payments.

For detailed information about the advantages offered by Octet Maximum Card on the Octet Portal:

Step by Step Collection with Credit Card

Seller sends payment order.

Buyer pays Octet by credit card in preferred number of instalments.

Octet sends payment to the Seller’s bank on the next business day.

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